What is SSL?

SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user's computer and a server or website.

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5th Sep 2018
Fake Domain Registration Emails

Fake Domain Registration Emails are always out there.

Always contact us if you recieve suspicious emails regarding Domain registration, contact us we will verify your registration before you make your payment.

Domain registration costs vary from $12.00 to $15.00 per year for standard registratrion.

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2nd Sep 2018
Automatically scan your website for malware and protect online reputation

Website security & malware protection for your website SiteLock™, the global leader in website security, protects your website to give you peace of mind. SiteLock's Daily Malware Scanning identifies vulnerabilities and known malicious code and automatically removes it from your website to protect your website and visitors against ... Read More »

7th Aug 2018
Domain Registration

All domain registrations and login details can be found at www.360cloudnet.domains AU Domain Changes As of July 1, .AU domain names underwent a series of important changes that are relevant to you. Where previously .AU domain names have been operated through AusRegistry, last Sunday those operations moved ... Read More »

6th Aug 2018
Web site backups

Website backups You may not know it, but as a site owner, certain best practices should be followed when hosting your website, and you have certain critical responsibilities which might not be immediately obvious to you, but if not done on a regular basis, may end up destroying your web site.  While some people have the idea that a web site is a ... Read More »

11th Nov 2016
Cybercrime is now the fastest-growing cause of data center outages

Cybercrime is quickly rising as one of the leading causes of data center outages. After having risen from being behind 2 percent of outages in 2010 to 18 percent in 2013, cybercrime caused 22 percent of data center outages in 2015, reported in a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Emerson Network Power. Cybercrime ... Read More »

21st Jan 2016
French ISPs Send More Than Five Million Warnings Under “Three Strikes” Program

Digital Copyright Europe, Regions, Security and Privacy, Web Hosting More than five million warnings have been sent out to alleged copyright infringers under the so-called “three strikes” program in France. The five-year-old program, officially called HADOPI, was one of the first of its kind and prompts ISPs to send out three escalating ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2015

New TLDs: incl .CHAT, .FOOTBALL, .TENNIS, and .DATE Tons of new domain extensions are available to register as you read this, but more are always on the way. These domains are: .BINGO .CASINO .CHAT .DATE .FAITH .FOOTBALL .GOLD .GOLF .PLUS .REVIEW .SCHOOL .STYLE .TENNIS .TOURS

23rd Jul 2015
Shellshock: Everything you need to know about the latest web threat

What is Shellshock? Shellshock is the latest online threat sent to disrupt us. It's a loophole that affects a piece of software called Bash found mainly in Linux® or Unix® operating systems as well as the Apple® MacOS® X. And while the Shellshock bug is more about web servers and other Internet devices, those can now be turned against your ... Read More »

10th Oct 2014

Following the update regarding the new domains .LONDON and .GLOBAL earlier this week, I bring you news of more new TLDs. These include: DIGITAL, .ACCOUNTANTS, .FINANCE, and .INSURE. Read on for more info. Digital – in the 21st century, almost everything is now digital – from digital music to digital marketing, and from digital ... Read More »

21st Sep 2014